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Child support isn’t dependent upon child custody

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2016 | Child Custody

Last week, we discussed some of the tax effects of child support payments. Those considerations are very serious for some people who pay or receive child support. While it is true that child custody and child support go hand in hand, parents who are facing child custody and support issues should know that having to pay child support doesn’t depend on your ability to see the child and that being able to see your child doesn’t depend on paying child support.

We know that some parents who are unable to pay child support might think that they can’t see their child. Those parents might feel bad about not being able to financially support the child. That doesn’t mean that they have to run and stay away from their child. You can still see your child even if you don’t pay child support. Your child custody agreement remains in place even when you don’t pay child support.

That doesn’t mean that you should just stop paying child support. There are legal ramifications for not paying child support. Those can be very serious. If you are unable to pay your child support, you might need to seek a modification. You should do this quickly because modifications aren’t usually retroactive past the date of filing. We can help you learn about how to seek out a modification.

If you are the parent who is receiving child support, you shouldn’t keep your child away from a parent who isn’t paying child support. Your child still needs his or her other parent in their life. You can take legal action to try to get the other parent to pay, but those actions don’t mean you can keep the other parent and child from seeing each other.