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September 2016 Archives

Same-sex couples face many of the same issues as heterosexuals

Same-sex couples sometimes have to deal with social stigmas associated with their relationship status. Even though some people claim that same-sex marriages and relationships are somehow inferior to opposite-sex ones, that isn't anywhere close to the truth. Learning some facts about same-sex marriages and relationships might help to dispel some of the stigmas.

How to keep peace when a spouse remarries

Divorce isn't harmful to children, but conflict is. When discussing co-parenting, that's why keeping the peace and respecting boundaries is essential. When a spouse remarries, that's multiplied. Your place as a parent feels threatened by the new partner, but open communication and awareness of roles can help transition into the new family dynamic with minimal drama. You and your children are family for life, regardless of different household arrangements.

Child custody sometimes requires creative solutions

In our previous blog post, we discussed how technology makes it possible for children and their parents to remain in contact even when they don't live close to each other. Virtual visitation is a concept that allows parents to remain active parts of their children's lives when they can't be there for all the major events. This might be useful for parents who are serving in the military and those who have to travel for work.

Understanding what counts as an asset

Despite our best efforts, some relationships just don't work out. This can be particularly painful when we have pledged to spend our life with someone. Many dreams and expectations coexist with wedding plans, and the loss of those dreams can often be very difficult emotionally.

Technology makes long distance visitation possible

As a parent, you probably enjoy the time you spend with your child. If you don't live near your child, you might find that you don't get to spend as much time with your child as you would like. Technology has made it possible for you to stay in contact with your child in more ways than just speaking on the phone. While this type of visitation isn't a replacement for in-person visits, it is a good option to fill the time between those visits.

Know your options when you are going through a divorce

Divorce is a big upheaval in a person's life. As we discussed in our previous blog post, it seems as though divorce is a seasonal occurrence; however, it can strike during any part of the year. If you are facing divorce, you should make sure that you know what your options are.

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