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Nontraditional families need legal protections

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2016 | Same-Sex Partners

Nontraditional families deserve to have the same protections and benefits as traditional families. There are some instances in which the composition of the family makes getting legal protections a bit more complicated than what would occur in a traditional family.

We know that a family is a family regardless of who makes up that family. Whether you are a grandparent raising grandchildren or a same-sex couple, you deserve to have the legal protections that will make you feel more secure. The way that we get this done depends on the specific circumstances and details of the situation, as well as the goal that you have for the resolution.

When you are part of a nontraditional family, you sometimes have to get a bit creative to get the legal protections you need. Domestic partnerships, adoptions and other arrangements are some of the options that you have. We can help you to find legal methods to get the protections that you need.

Interestingly, things can be complicated if you have legal agreements and you are in a relationship that ends, you might have to go through legal hoops to get the legal agreements nullified. We can help you to learn about what options you have in this case.

In cases that involve children, we have to put the children first. This can be a challenge because there are some cases that don’t have any real or recent precedents set. In those cases, we will comb through the applicable laws and figure out where we can go. We are willing to fight to get your case resolved in an appropriate manner.