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November 2016 Archives

Know your responsibilities and rights during separations

In our previous blog post, we discussed some important points regarding separations. If you recall, one of the big considerations is that you and your ex exist as two totally different entities. This means that you no longer live together. We know that thinking about a legal separation is rather difficult, especially when you are hoping that the relationship will be corrected.

Points to know regarding separations

When you and your spouse aren't getting along too well and are considering a divorce, you might decide that you want to try living apart to see how it works. In some cases, these trial separations end with the marriage continuing. In other cases, they end in divorce. It is important for you to understand some points about separation if you are considering one.

Many issues occur in family law cases

The issues that occur in family law cases are as varied as the types of families that exist in this country. Some of the issues that are covered in family law are pleasant ones, such as getting an adoption finalized. Others are a bit more complicated, such as child custody. We know that you are concerned with the family law matter you are going through. We can help you learn about Colorado laws that pertain to your case so you can move forward with appropriate information.

First Christmas after divorce: dos and don'ts

Throughout divorce, the mantra is always to maintaining stability for your children, keeping what familiar concepts you can during a life-altering event. Now that the divorce is complete there are still going to be those same struggles. Christmas is one of the biggest.

There are several things to think about for child custody

Parents who aren't in a relationship any longer will likely need to address the issue of child custody. While some people might think that child custody means determining who gets the child when, that is only part of what matters for child custody. There are actually several different considerations that you must think about when you have to decide on child custody.

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