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Points to know regarding separations

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2016 | Divorce

When you and your spouse aren’t getting along too well and are considering a divorce, you might decide that you want to try living apart to see how it works. In some cases, these trial separations end with the marriage continuing. In other cases, they end in divorce. It is important for you to understand some points about separation if you are considering one.

A trial separation doesn’t have any legal impact on your marriage. You don’t have to do anything to show that you are in the midst of a trial separation, and you don’t have to do anything if you decide to continue the marriage.

Another type of separation is a legal separation. In this case, you and your ex would divide all of the property just as you would in a divorce. You would also have to go through making child custody agreements and child support agreements. Even though these are all in place, you are still married.

When it comes to a legal separation, there are many different reasons why this might be the option a couple chooses. In some cases, they are trying to work things out but can’t live together in the interim. Some people might choose this option for religious reasons. Others might need to stay married for insurance or other purposes.

In Colorado, you can move from a legal separation to a divorce with relative ease. It is crucial that you file the paperwork for the separation properly and that you execute the motion seeking divorce properly. If you are considering a separation, you should take the time to learn exactly what it entails and how it will affect your life.

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