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February 2017 Archives

Considerations for divorce at any age

No matter what age you are when you find out that your marriage is ending, you have to think about your future. As we discussed last week, there are some specific considerations that you have to think about if you are older. There are also specific points to consider if you are younger.

Financial planning for older divorcing couples is key

Divorce rates among couples in their 50s and older are increasing. People are living longer, and many people find that once their kids are grown and out of the house, they no longer have things in common. Sometimes they simply aren't happy anymore. Why spend what could possibly be another few decades of your life in an unhappy marriage?

Family law issues are often very personal matters

People who are dealing with family law issues usually have a personal stake in the matter. These matters, including adoption, divorce, child custody and similar matters, must be handled carefully. We know that most people who are facing any of these issues want to find out information about their options so that they can choose what to do about their problem.

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