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March 2017 Archives

Same-sex couples have rights and responsibilities in family law

Same-sex partners face unique trials as they walk through life. Everything under the family law umbrella can seem much more complicated when the couple is a same-sex couple. This doesn't mean that same-sex couples deserve any less protection or should have fewer rights than their opposite-sex counterparts. We know that same-sex couples want to enjoy the full protections and rights they have under the law. We can help you to learn about these points and determine how to handle your current family law needs.

Divorce mediation might help you end the marriage faster

Divorce settlements are the key to getting your case resolved as quickly as possible. While it might be tempting to fight your ex tooth and nail, doing so can draw out your divorce. It can also cost you more time and money. Instead, you can consider using a method of alternative dispute resolution to get the settlement hashed out.

Divorce cases can include various factors

When you go through a divorce, whether you are going through a same-sex or an opposite-sex divorce, you have specific things to think about. We know that you might not be able to think clearly if the divorce came as a shock to you. We are here to help you work through the issues that are present in your case so that you can move on with your life.

Do women show more financial literacy after a divorce than men?

Divorces, whether they involve high-asset couples or not, tend to have serious financial repercussions for the parties involved. But now, a new survey of CPA financial planners suggests that women are doing a much better job than men in becoming financially educated following a divorce.

Domestic violence accusations impact child custody cases

When domestic violence is an issue in a divorce or child custody case, there are some very specific things that must be considered. The ideal outcome to a child custody case is that the child gets to spend time with both parents. This might not be possible when domestic violence is an issue.

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