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Divorcing on a budget?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2017 | Divorce

Colorado divorce rates are at their lowest points in nearly a decade. Nevertheless, the state still ranks at the top of the list for divorces nationwide.

When the decision is made that divorce is the only way out of a toxic relationship, the next consideration arrives. How are you going to afford it? Even when you both earn a steady income, the court and legal fees often associated with the divorce process can easily demolish any savings account you might have.

There is another option to battling out custodial and property rights in family court. And in Colorado, mediation is usually required by the court.

Mediation Saves You Time and Money

Mediation is done by a single attorney experienced in family law, but it is not recommended without representation. Once you have your lawyer retained, both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will sit down across a table and work through all the parts of the divorce decree.

You both take the time to voice your individual concerns, expenses, and expectations. If you have managed to maintain a civil relationship even as your marriage deteriorated, this is an excellent option. An agreement can be drawn up in just a few weeks and the courts are able to rubber stamp the final divorce papers in 90 days.

Eliminate Uncertainty in the Final Agreement

When you take the traditional route, any part of the agreement that you have not settled prior to submitting your papers to the courts is now subject to the judge’s personal judgment. When you make the effort to work out the division of property and visitation times outside of the courtroom, you are able to make plans for your new life much sooner and without any unwelcome surprises.

It Won’t Work in an Abusive Situation

If your marriage was based on emotional or physical abuse by either party, mediation is not likely to work as the abuser will continue to try to manipulate the proceedings. In this case, make sure to retain your own attorney for dedicated support for your own health and welfare.