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Special considerations for summer vacation plans

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2017 | Child Custody

Summer vacation plans are something that most children look forward to. When you are planning a summer vacation and have a child custody order for your child, you have to think about some important considerations.

One consideration is that you have to think about is what your child custody order says. Some child custody orders are set up the same throughout the year. In these cases, the summer months are expected to remain the same as the rest of the year.

If you find that the normal child custody schedule isn’t going to work for the summer, you might be able to have the orders changed for the summer months. This can be done by you and your ex coming to an agreement or by the court making a decision. Once the court agrees to a schedule, it is enforceable.

Another consideration of the summer months is taking a summer vacation trip. Even if the child custody order doesn’t require you to notify your ex about the itinerary, you might need to consider sharing it anyway. This would enable your ex to know your plans in case there is an emergency.

As you enjoy your time with your children, make sure that you allow them to have time to communicate with your ex. They will probably enjoy letting your ex know about the fun they are having and your ex might appreciate hearing those precious voices.

Ultimately, the child custody agreement has to be the basis of summer vacation plans. If you need something in the order modified, you might choose to turn to the court system to get this done.

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