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Put the children first: How to tell them about divorce

Some children can sense when their parents are fighting and changes are coming, but others are oblivious and may be caught off-guard at the news of divorce. If you are divorcing and you have children, how you tell them can make a huge difference in how they process the news.

Fathers have very specific rights that they can assert

Fathers have specific rights when it comes to their children. We recently discussed the case of the father who fought an adoption that he didn't consent to. If you recall, he won the case. While this is an extreme example of what can happen when a father fights for his rights, it is also a powerful example.

Father fights against adoption he didn't consent to, wins battle

Imagine finding out that you have a child but you can't have contact with the child. This is exactly what one father has been going through for the past nine years. This father is from Colorado. His ex moved from Colorado to Utah prior to the child's birth.

Preparation is the key for ending a marriage

We recently discussed what will happen to children if a parent goes to jail. While this is a unique child custody issue, it does show that there are some instances in which parents might have to rush to come up with a plan for custody. For parents who are divorced, this is a very trying issue.

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