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Father fights against adoption he didn’t consent to, wins battle

On Behalf of | May 11, 2017 | Child Custody

Imagine finding out that you have a child but you can’t have contact with the child. This is exactly what one father has been going through for the past nine years. This father is from Colorado. His ex moved from Colorado to Utah prior to the child’s birth.

The child was born prematurely. Shortly before her birth, the father had filed a petition for paternity. He wasn’t aware that the woman had given birth to the girl until after she had signed her rights away to family members. Ever since then, the girl’s biological father has been battling to raise his daughter.

In the most recent development, a judge in Colorado has awarded the birth father all major decision making responsibilities for the child. It has been determined that the girl can continue with her schooling in Utah with her adopted parents for now.

It is fully expected that there will be an appeal filed in the case, but parties involved with the birth father’s side note that they expect the birth father to come out on top. This is taking into account the fact that the Utah Supreme Court has ruled that the father was denied his rightful say in whether the child should be placed up for adoption or not.

There are some serious matters that come into the picture when child custody matters cross state lines. While this is an extreme case, it does show just how long and drawn out these cases can be. If you are forced into a similar situation, you should be prepared for battle.

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