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Domestic violence can impact your children greatly

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2017 | Family Law

Domestic violence is a situation that no child should ever have to witness or endure themselves. Sadly, children do experience these events and often have to face issues because of them. When a child is involved in a situation with domestic violence, the courts will often jump into the picture to ensure that the child remains safe.

One way that domestic violence can impact a child’s life is that they might have to learn how to live with only one parent in the home. This is because the court might issue a restraining order against the parent who is accused of abusing the other parent. This can sometimes mean that the parent who is accused of domestic violence will receive only supervised visitation with the child.

We know that you never thought that your child would have to deal with this situation. We are here to help you learn about the possible ways that you can keep your child and yourself safe.

If you are going to file for a divorce based on the domestic violence, you need to understand that you will likely still have to deal with child custody issues. Preparing for this can help you to make a plan for how you will handle the custody issues that will likely arise.

We understand that you have specific concerns about what might happen. We know that you want your children to thrive and live a stable life. When domestic violence is in the picture, this might not be possible until you break away and start a new life away from the violence and negativity.