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Three ways to protect your assets in high-net worth divorce

When deciding to divorce your spouse in Colorado, you should take into consideration more than just your feelings. As a high-value individual, you need to take steps to protect your personal wealth and ensure you receive your fair share of marital assets. No matter how amicable you and your partner may seem now, high-net divorces often get ugly fast.

Think about the issues you face during a divorce

The end of your marriage is something that will bring up a lot of feelings. You might be mad that your ex did something to end the marriage. You might feel depressed about having to start your life over. You might feel relief that you know the truth. You might be upset that you've wasted all the years with your ex. These are all understandable.

Learn what points you need to consider in child custody cases

One of the most important things that parents need to do in a divorce is to determine matters related to child custody. These include basic decisions like when the child will spend time with each parent. As we discussed previously, children of all ages have special considerations that must be addressed in the child custody order.

Custody arrangements for elementary and middle school students

Many parents don't realize that as a child grows, the parenting arrangement can change. This means that a child who has traditionally spent most of his or her time with mom because he or she was breastfeeding might be able to transition to more time with dad as he or she gets older and weans from breastfeeding.

Follow these 3 financial tips if you are getting divorced

Divorce requires you to reexamine every aspect of your life. Your goals have to change once your spouse is out of the picture and you have to worry about things like alimony and child support. While you work to untangle your marital finances, you have to figure out how to pay for your divorce and your new life.

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