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Finding your way after you get a divorce

The day you sign the divorce petition is likely going to be an emotional day. You should prepare yourself for this because even if you are ready for the divorce, you will still likely have these feelings. A divorce is a major life change that often comes with a range of emotions.

We understand that you need time to process that the marriage is actually ending. If you and your ex can work with a mediator to come to terms of the divorce, you will have more control over the situation since you aren't having to count on the court to decide how assets are split up and how the arrangements with the children will be handled.

As you walk through the process of the divorce, you might find that your heart starts to try to take over your decision- making process. You can't let this happen because you might find that the decisions you make then aren't the ones that are best for you. It is usually best to take the time to think carefully about each choice you have.

When it is time to make major decisions, think about the pros and cons of your options. This can help you make the best decisions for your case and your family. We are here to help guide you and help you to determine how various arrangements might impact your future.

The goal of your divorce is to let you get started on your new life. We want to help you get you the settlement that starts you off on your new life in the best way possible.

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