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3 reasons to stay off social media while divorcing

Although Colorado's divorce rate continues to decline, it is still a prevalent issue in the state. A report from Colorado Public Radio found the divorce rate in 2013 was significantly lower than the rate in 2004 and all years in the previous decade. 

There are numerous financial aspects to take care of during a divorce. However, there is one aspect most people going through this period of time overlook: social media. Most do not see a problem with using social media to keep friends and acquaintances in the loop, but it can have a detrimental effect. 

1. Spending habits are on full display

Whether you post about a new car you purchased or post pictures of said car, a former spouse can use anything in court. These posts may reveal a person has more money than he or she is letting on; therefore, the person in question should pay more in alimony. It is simply not worth it just to brag on social media. 

2. Rants and comments reveal too much

People want to avoid posting negative comments about their exes on Facebook or Twitter. It is not mature to go on these rants. Additionally, people should be wary of posting false information. If one spouse claims the other cheated, then a judge may expect the person to provide evidence to back up a claim. Lying about these acts does not come across well. 

3. Comments affect child support arrangement

Children affect divorce cases greatly. Child custody is typically the most hotly-contested issue in a divorce, and either parent can do anything to make him or herself look better. For instance, one parent may show pictures of the other going out drinking with friends. This does not reflect well on the person in court, and these kinds of posts have a history of altering arrangements. At the end of the day, it is best to simply stay off social media for the time being or delete accounts completely. 

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