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Child custody matters require special preparation

The process of coming to an agreement about child custody matters is difficult for many parents. Still, it is a necessary process if you are going through a divorce or need this agreement for any other reason. We can help you work through the process, but you will need to make sure that you are prepared for what is to come.

One important step you need to take is to decide your ideal resolution for the matters that you are facing. This can help you to try and keep your goals in focus as you are going through the mediation process for the custody issues. We can help you to learn about what the process of child custody mediation entails.

Because of the high tension that can come with these cases, you might want to meet with a counselor before the first mediation session. The counselor can help you work through any issues you might have so that you can find ways to handle what your ex might throw at you during the sessions.

You need to be ready to negotiate with your ex on everything from the parenting schedule to the decision-making powers. Even if you and your ex don't get along, you will still need to have a working relationship as long as your child is a minor.

We realize that things aren't always going to go perfectly in child custody cases. We are here to help you ensure that your child remains the focus of the case and that your rights are respected through it.

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