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Transitioning to life as a single parent after a divorce

A parent who gets a divorce usually moves from a relationship where he or she has another adult in the home to help with the children into a situation where he or she is the only parent caring for the children. This can be a tough transition for the parent and the children.

When you are moving into the single parent lifestyle, you will likely come to realize that you need to count on other people to give you a hand with the children. This could be something as simple as having someone watch the children while you have some time to yourself. It could be having a family member helping with the transportation needs of the child.

You might find yourself turning to your family more and more after the divorce, especially during the transition phase. You may feel like you are a burden, but chances are good that your family members don't want to see you struggle.

One thing that you have to remember if you are turning to other people for help is that they might not do things like you do them. You will have to decide what points are not negotiable and which points you can just let go if they aren't exactly your way.

Another thing for you to remember is that your ex will still have a part in your child's life. This means that you will likely have to communicate until the child is an adult. Do so with a businesslike tone and method so that you can rest assured that you aren't being misconstrued.

As you settle into the new way of life, your child might start to ask questions about the divorce. Be prepared to answer those, but be ready to feel like you are very unprepared because these questions are sometimes awkward.

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