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Are you a candidate for an amicable divorce?

As you may already know, getting a divorce is not an easy process. In addition to the difficult emotions involved, you may have a constant headache from trying to figure out such common issues as property division and child custody. There has to be an easier way to end your marriage without worrying about taking your fight to the judge, right? Fortunately for you and other Coloradans, you might not need to resort to litigation if you and your spouse have the right mindset.

What do you need to do to escape an abusive marriage?

You did not get married knowing that your spouse would end up being abusive. Now that you are ready to get out, you might be feeling confused and scared. It can be difficult and even dangerous to leave a relationship in which domestic violence is a factor. Fortunately for you and other Colorado residents who are going through the same thing, you have resources and allies on your side to help.

Protecting yourself financially in divorce

If you are thinking about divorcing your spouse, you may feel like leaving her or him is the hardest thing to do. However, if there are high-value assets at stake, you may find that splitting your assets is even harder. You may not want to share everything you have worked so hard for with your partner. When it comes to divorce, Colorado is a community property state. Whatever assets you and your spouse acquired during your marriage must be divided according to the rules of equitable distribution. 

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