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Property division is part of ending a domestic partnership

When a marriage goes south, the parties can file for a divorce to legally end the commitment. When a domestic partnership goes south, you can take steps to end the obligation you have to your partner. It is important that you do this properly so that you aren't on the hook for anything once you end the relationship.

What is a domestic partnership in Colorado?

Domestic partnerships are one legal option for relationships in Colorado. In some municipalities, such as the City of Boulder, you can pay a fee to have your domestic partnership registered. You don't have to be a resident of the city to take advantage of this possibility.

Undergoing IVF? Why an attorney is necessary

Infertilty and reproduction are delicate subjects for most, frought with emotions and anxiety. On the one hand, it may enable you to have the child you have dreamed about. On the other hand, the process is complicated and expensive. That is why when and if you decide to pursue assisted reproductive therapies (commonly known as ART), it's likely that you won't want to have to endure worst case scenarios.

Understanding the importance of a domestic partnerships agreement

Domestic partnerships are an often misunderstood aspect of family law. With the legalization of same-sex marriage, many people may be wondering what the differences, advantages and disadvantages of each option are. While Colorado allows couples to register a domestic partnerships, it's important to understand that this does not give the couple the same rights and privileges of a marriage. If the couple decided to end the relationship later on, there is also a much different procedure for as well.

How do we terminate a domestic partnership?

Registering a domestic partnership can be an important milestone for many couples, and Boulder's Domestic Partnership Registration is something even residents outside the city can take part in. However, despite all best intentions, sometimes these relationships do not work out. When it's time to end a domestic partnership, it's important to understand what needs to be done to terminate the partnership with Boulder's registry.

Domestic partnership a realty since 2014

Having a family with your partner can be fulfilling. You love each other so why not start a family that will complete the picture? Families look different these days. Not only are same-sex partners getting married, but they are facing what traditional marriages have faced for decades: divorce, prenuptial agreements and parenting. These can all be handled with a good attorney from the Offices of Keane Law, LLC. We know what you need and can provide not only a listening ear but research and legal advice for you.

Does registering a domestic partnership give us legal rights?

Many people who are not interested in getting married have questions about a domestic partnerships and what the legal rights and responsibilities are. It's important to understand that just because you register a domestic partnership, it doesn't give you any more legal rights than you had prior to the registration. Contrary to popular belief, domestic partnerships are not the same thing as a common law marriage, and you may be surprised at how much you need to do to protect yourself and your finances if you decide on a domestic partnership.

Protect your domestic partnership by using legal methods

When you and your partner decide to commit to a relationship, you might opt to establish a domestic partnership instead of getting married. A domestic partnership can give you some of the same protections as a marriage. If you recall, we discussed some of those protections in our previous blog post.

Domestic partnerships allow couples to enjoy certain benefits

For some couples, domestic partnerships are the preferred alternative to a marriage. This type of union was created in the 1980s in response to same-sex couples who wanted to enjoy a variety of rights. Generally, domestic partnerships allow couples to have the same benefits as married couples if the domestic partnership is registered.

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