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Same-Sex Partners Archives

Set the right financial tone for your relationship

You and your partner have to be on the same page about finances. If there are rifts between the two of you because of the money, there is a chance that your relationship is going to end. This likely isn't something that you want. Here are some tips to help you deal with financial matters.

Learn about ways to protect yourself in a same-sex relationship

We recently discussed some of the ways that same-sex parents can address some of the more common challenges they might face. These are all important because it can help them and their children to live a life that is as normal as possible. We understand that there are some other situations that might come up during the course of their parenting relationship.

Make plans if you are moving in with your significant other

We recently discussed some of the things that you need to do if you are planning on moving in with your significant other without getting married. Even if you think that the relationship is going to last forever, you should make sure that you take steps to protect yourself just in case things turn sour down the road.

Plan carefully to live together as an unmarried couple

There are several things that couples who are living together can do if they want to protect their financial future. Making sure that your finances are protected can help you to feel more secure in the relationship since you know that if something happens, you are covered.

Same-sex couples have rights and responsibilities in family law

Same-sex partners face unique trials as they walk through life. Everything under the family law umbrella can seem much more complicated when the couple is a same-sex couple. This doesn't mean that same-sex couples deserve any less protection or should have fewer rights than their opposite-sex counterparts. We know that same-sex couples want to enjoy the full protections and rights they have under the law. We can help you to learn about these points and determine how to handle your current family law needs.

Fighting to help same-sex couples with family law issues

We recently discussed some of the unique challenges that same-sex couples face. When the challenges that you face are of the legal variety, such as child custody, property division or adoption, we are here to help you learn about the options that you have to handle the situation.

Domestic partnerships have responsibilities and benefits

Even though same-sex marriage has become legal nationwide, some people might still opt to use a domestic partnership as the legal basis for their cohabitation agreement. The domestic partnership has some benefits that you should be aware of so that you can decide if this is an option that you want to consider.

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