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Collaborative Law

Helping Couples Work Together To Separate Their Lives

Collaborative law is a specific way of resolving family law issues where all parties, each member of the divorcing couple and his or her respective attorney, enter into an agreement to work together and make a concerted effort to sort out the details of the divorce “in collaboration,” through negotiation and compromise instead of through litigation.

In a typical collaborative law agreement, both attorneys agree to withdraw as counsel for their respective client if the couple is unable to come to an agreement and must go to court. Though the couple would then have to hire litigation counsel to take the case to court, a tremendous amount is usually accomplished during the collaborative process even if the parties can’t reach an agreement. So, couples who have worked through the collaborative process prior to using the courts to resolve their disputes are usually ahead of the game.

It is also possible to do a “hybrid” collaborative case, where the precepts of collaborative law are still agreed to by all parties, but the lawyers are not required to withdraw if the couple ends up in court.

At The Offices of Keane Law, LLC, our collaborative law experience can help you and your spouse figure out the most equitable way to divide up your lives and provide for your children. We are excellent negotiators who always look out for your best interests. We are as assertive as we need to be to reach your goals, while knowing where to find the best negotiating points between you and your spouse to resolve issues and bring your divorce to a quick and as-painless-as-possible conclusion. We work with all parties to craft an agreement that fits your lives instead of one that is decided for you by the courts.

Collaborative Law Has Many Advantages Over The Traditional Litigation Model

By collaborating on your divorce, you keep the information private, because you and your spouse work everything out before presenting it to the court for final approval instead of airing your problems before a judge. You also have the opportunity to reach a deeper resolution between yourself and your spouse. By working through all of the issues, you can work through how the two of you arrived here so both of you can move on. This is especially important if you have children. It is important that you protect your ability to co-parent and avoid hurting each other so badly during the divorce process that it is difficult for you to come together for your kids when they need you.

Because we have litigation experience, we understand what judges look for in a well-crafted separation agreement and parenting plan. We also understand the fine points of conflict management and mediation. We use these techniques to draw all parties together so we can work as a team to reorganize your family, minimize emotional collateral damage and hopefully avoid the expense and harm of litigation.

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