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Legal Separation

Legal Separation As A Divorce Alternative

Legal separation is an alternative to divorce in Colorado. When you and your spouse separate, you will divide your property and live apart, just as you would in a divorce. If you have children, you will make arrangements for custody, visitation and support. You will go through all the same steps as two people who divorce, except at the end of the process you will remain married.

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Why Do Couples Choose Legal Separation?

You may choose legal separation instead of divorce for many different reasons:

  • You are opposed to divorce for religious or philosophical reasons.
  • You are not ready for divorce.
  • You want to remain married so a spouse can continue to be covered under the partner’s medical insurance.
  • You and your spouse want to work on your marriage but not live together.

A legal separation allows you and your spouse to separate your lives and finances without getting divorced. The legal separation process is the same as the divorce process in Colorado. Marital property will be divided, just as if you and your spouse divorced. The court can also order alimony or child support.

At a future time, you and your spouse can convert the decree of separation into a decree of divorce. You can also choose to remain separated or, if you and your spouse are able to work things out, choose to live together again as husband and wife.

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