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No-Fault Divorce

Colorado Attorney For No-Fault Divorce With Children

Colorado is a no-fault divorce state. This means that conduct such as adultery does not have an effect on divorce issues such as marital property division. However, issues such as domestic violence can have an effect on child custody issues.

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Conduct And Property Issues

In Colorado, marital property is divided according to the law of equitable distribution. In determining what is equitable, the court will not consider factors such as your spouse’s bad behavior during the marriage. The fact that your spouse cheated or even abused you is not a factor, at least in division of property.

Conduct And Child Custody

Issues such as domestic violence and abuse can affect child custody and visitation. In Colorado, the victim of domestic violence is often awarded sole decision-making over major issues regarding the children.

In cases of domestic violence or spousal abuse, the court’s goal is to protect both your safety and the best interests of your children. You can seek a civil protection order to have your spouse removed from the home, and your spouse will be barred from contacting you if the court grants your request for a civil protection order. You will not be expected to go through mediation with your spouse or have any contact with your spouse.

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