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Civil Protection Orders

Seeking Domestic Violence Protective Orders In Colorado

Domestic violence is a serious issue with serious repercussions, both for the victim and the perpetrator. Charges of domestic violence or spousal abuse often come up when spouses are separating or getting a divorce. Anger and jealousy can run high. In some cases, a spouse may even falsely claim domestic violence with the goal of gaining an edge in the divorce proceedings.

Colorado family and criminal courts take domestic violence charges very seriously. At The Offices of Keane Law, LLC, so do we. As a family law firm with a 30-year history, we have seen almost everything. Over the years, we have learned how to represent our clients with a caring, protective and thorough approach. This is especially true in domestic violence cases.

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The first response to domestic violence charges, besides a criminal arrest, is usually a civil protection order. Sometimes called a “restraining order” or a “stay-away order,” a civil protection order is a formal court order for one family member to stay away from another. There are also criminal restraining orders, called no-contact orders.

Civil orders of protection are available on a temporary, emergency basis and on a permanent basis. An individual may apply for and receive a temporary protection order (TPO) within a short period. Shortly after the temporary order is in place, both parties must attend a court hearing where a judge will listen to evidence about whether to issue a permanent protection order (PPO).

Family court judges have become cautious about granting requests for protection orders that come up during divorce proceedings. For that reason, if no other, a lawyer’s help may be useful if you need to file a petition for a protection order at the same time as you are trying to get a divorce.

An attorney’s help may also be useful if you are the subject of a request for a protection order. If the domestic violence charges are unfair or untrue, your attorney can seek to have the judge deny the request or, if a protection order is already in place, to strike it down. If the protection order request is too broad, for example, if it unfairly prevents you from visiting with your children, your lawyer can advocate for a narrower order.

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