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Stalking And Domestic Violence

Our Attorneys Handle Stalking Cases Throughout The State

Colorado’s criminal laws recognize stalking as a potential form of domestic violence. Like other forms of domestic violence, claims of stalking or criminal harassment are very common during family disputes such as contested divorces or child custody battles.

Stalking is a felony crime in Colorado with serious repercussions. It can also be a difficult crime to prove. Smart, local legal help is important in stalking cases. This is true whether you are the victim of stalking or are unjustly accused of stalking your ex-spouse, your child or another person.

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For more than three decades, The Offices of Keane Law, LLC, has provided legal services for families in Boulder and other Colorado Front Range communities. Over the years, we have watched Colorado’s domestic violence and stalking laws become tougher and more specific.

Our attorneys frequently encounter stalking claims as part of family law conflicts. We vigorously protect our clients in stalking cases, whether the client is the accuser or the accused.

Stalking claims can quickly grow out of control, especially when a divorce or other family law dispute is going on at the same time. The legal issues can pile up quickly: allegations of stalking or physical abuse can lead to a domestic violence arrest, a criminal no-contact order and a civil protection order.

Although the legal proceedings for a criminal case, a request for a protection order, and a family law case are all different, they can each affect one another. A lawyer experienced family law and criminal defense can protect your rights, keep sight of the big picture, and take care of the countless details involved in cases involving domestic violence.

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