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Spousal Support

Working To Ensure A Beneficial Support Agreement

Will spousal maintenance (alimony) be a factor in your divorce? That depends on a number of factors. Our spousal support lawyer will explain the law in plain English and will explain how the law affects your particular circumstances.

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Spousal support (also referred to as alimony or spousal maintenance) is money paid by a supporting spouse to a dependent spouse after the divorce. Support can be temporary or long-term, depending on the circumstances. Factors the court will consider include:

  • Length of the marriage: A long-term marriage (ten years or more) along with other factors could result in alimony.
  • Age of each spouse: Is there a dependent spouse who is unlikely to be able to start a self-supporting career at this point in life?
  • Health of each spouse: Does one spouse need special medical attention? If a dependent spouse is unable to work because of health reasons, the court may award spousal support.
  • Educational levels of each spouse: Do both spouses have the educational levels necessary to obtain suitable jobs?
  • Income of each spouse: Does each spouse have sufficient income to meet reasonable expenses?
  • Standard of living: the parties enjoyed during the marriage: Neither spouse should have to significantly lower his or her standard of living.

Our family law firm can help you determine whether alimony or spousal support is an issue in your situation and, if so, what amount and how long would be fair to pay or to receive.

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